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Hi, I'm
Laura Cheftel

I am a left brain for right brains, unlocking the most from your creative spark through the power of strategy.

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supporting the business growth of established thinkers and creators - Laura Cheftel, Creative Strategist

My Areas of Expertise

What I do

I work with established creators who need help realising the business potential of their craft. A collaborator, storyteller and systems thinker, I’m the pragmatism to the play.


A creative strategy is an intentional approach to developing steps that will ensure the long-term impact and success of your work – whatever that means to you. I’ll provide the tools, the systems and a spare brain to meet your goals.


If creativity enlivens ideas, innovation brings those ideas into sharp focus, paving the way for implementation. Whether you have a hunch that’s been kicking about for a while, or you want to be generating more ideas, practical innovation can make it all a lot simpler.


I offer writing and editing underpinned by experience and training so you get high-quality content that will help you establish your name, convey your work effectively and get your audience moved and engaged. Expect written content that will get your work noticed.


You’ve got a project, but you need to make it viable. Generating funding via public channels, corporate sponsorship or private investment requires that your project be neatly packaged and well expressed. I can help you put it all together.


It can be daunting yet energising to understand just how connected you are, and the power of your work to bring your community into a conversation! I can help you discover who your audience is and how to reach them.


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